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    "The worlds only invisible drum-kit" captivating and inspiring audiences all over the globe.

In fact, so good is Intensi-T at what he does that he recently became the subject of forensic scrutiny by a university neuroscience department keen to examine his God-given gift.


“They had an MRI machine to scan our brains when I was beatboxing,” he explains. “They realised that you use the same part of the brain - the motor cortex - as you do when you’re driving. That’s how second-nature it is.”

With the respect of garage legends (Wiley, Dizzee) and pop royalty (Sheeran, Dua Lipa, Marshmello), Intensi-T doesn’t need to do much more convincing. Meet your new vocal hero.

"More than just beatboxing, an engaging audience participating full live show of vocal music, harmonica and looping. Mindblown" -The Independent

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